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Displayed is a Tom and Jerry calendar for 2013 from our cartoon characters category.  The adversarial duo was directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara.  The comedy began in 1940 as a short.  The 2013 Tom and Jerry calendar is great for kids.



Tom & Jerry

2010 Wall Calendar


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Tom & Jerry 2013 Calendars

What started as a short evolved into a full-fledged cartoon about a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry).  Th0e two are rivals who spend each segment trying to get the best of each other.  Inevitably, Tom loses.  However, in this 2013 Tom and Jerry calendar, both are featured prominently.  In 1965, the two went mainstream with a television show.  Tom and Jerry ran from 1965-1972 on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  The show has come to the small screen many time since.  The Tom and Jerry 2013 calendar even includes sixty fun stickers.  You can help play cat and mouse with the calendar.  There has even been big screen movie for Tom and Jerry, which was released in 1993. 








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