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Here are two 2013 wall calendars of The Civil War for only $11.99 and $13.99, respectively.  These 2013 Civil War calendars provides you with an in-depth look at the pictures and writings that chronicle the war.  Get these historical 2013 calendars now.


Civil War 2013 Wall Calendar

Civil War 2013 Wall Calendar



Civil War

2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $14.95!!!


2013 Civil War Calendars

The American Civil War took place from 1861-1865 during the time that Abraham Lincoln was president.  It was a battle of the North and the South and centered around the right to keep slaves.  The South wanted to secede from the union in order to keep slaves, and the North would not allow it.  These 2013 American Civil War calendars from the Library of Congress shows amazing sketches of battle scenes and maps.  There are also notes and letters from the time inside the 2013 Civil War calendars that demonstrate the horror of the conflict.  The Union and Confederates soldiers fought long and hard and in the end, the North was victorious.  There are many in the South that still harbor resentment toward the North.












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