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Featured is a 2013 Cockpit calendar of the military for only $13.99.  This 2013 military calendars show you pictures, writings, and strategies behind the aircraft that protects the skies.  The cover photo on the calendar shows the intricate detail inside the craft.


Jets 2013 Wall Calendar

Jets 2013 Wall Calendar



Military Jets

2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $14.95!!!




2013 Military Jets Calendars

A view from the inside of the jets and aircraft of the military.  This calendar is taken from the book "Cockpit" and gives you a glimpse into the book and into the planes that fought in World War II.  The time frame of the early 1940's was a pivotal time for aircraft, as many technological improvements were made.  Within this Cockpit 2013 calendar, there are also photographs of Japanese and German aircraft.  The attention to detail is exquisite and the knowledge needed to fly this aircraft is immense.  This 2013 Military Cockpit calendar gives you a different perspective of the jets that carried out the missions.  It lets you see what the pilot would see.











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