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We've partnered with an affiliate calendar store to offer you the 2013 wall calendar of The United States Navy for only $13.95.  This 2013 Navy calendar shows you pictures of the actions in each of the wars of the The Navy.  It has a long and storied history.


US Navy SEALs 2013 Wall Calendar

US Navy SEALs 2013 Wall Calendar


Navy Seals

2013 Wall Calendar


Your Price: $13.95!!!



2013 Navy SEALs Calendars

The United States Navy is one of the four major branches of the military.  The elite fighters in this branch are commonly known as Seals.  To become a Seal, one most go through a rigorous test of conditioning and physical makeup.  This Navy 2013 calendar is a tribute to those that have served and that have protected freedom around the world.  The photo on the cover shows a historical significant vessel from centuries ago.  This 2013 Navy calendar features sketches and paintings of historic battles, from the time the Navy was established in 1775 until now.  The beauty of these pictures shine through as each one is in full color.












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