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Pictured is the Onion Embedded 2013 calendar for just $13.99.  This 2013 Onion Embedded in America calendar gives the reader a humorous look at political and social issues in the country.  This national political calendar gives you many funny lines.


The Onion Presents 2013 Desk Calendar

The Onion Presents 2013 Desk Calendar



The Onion Presents

2013 Daily Calendar


Your Price: $12.99!!!


The Onion Embedded 2013 Calendars

Created in 1988, The Onion is a newspaper out of New York City that focuses on writing satire.  What better subject than politics to write about, as it is chock full with satirical issues.  The Onion is completely a parody.  This 2013 Onion Embedded calendar focuses on George W. Bush's horrible presidency..  It makes fun of the term 'embedded journalists', which was coined during the Iraq war.  They were one of the first, if not the first publication to write a satirical piece on the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.  The Onion decided to show the terrorists as surprised to be waking up in hell.











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