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The Economist magazine subscription is available here for just $49.90 or 51 issues for $129.  A subscription to The Economist magazine will give you a feel for how Londoners think about the U.S.  The Economist gives you an understanding of world affairs.


The Economist Magazine


The Economist Magazine
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The Economist Magazine Subscriptions

The Economist magazine covers the world of business, economics, and politics from a European perspective.  If you are interested in knowing how America is viewed by Europe, and specifically the United Kingdom, you can find it out here in the pages of the Economist.  Part of it is jealousy that the United States has risen up to a superpower, while Great Britain has lagged behind.  However, there is more to it than that.  You will also find business stories and news about the financial markets with an Economist magazine subscription.  The Economist magazine comments on a variety of social problems, cultural behavior, and international events.




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