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We've joined w/ another firm to offer you an annual subscription of The Independent Review magazine for only $28.95, or just $7.24 an issue.  A subscription to Independent Review magazine provides you a discussion about politics and the economy.


Independent Review Magazine


The Independent Review Magazine
Published Quarterly

4 Issues
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Independent Review Magazine Subscriptions

A journal about economic condition and the politics that help shape them.  Lessons on history and law will be intertwined to frame an argument about certain issues.  You'll read about global issues such as why the Ireland economy boomed and what is happening to the B-52 bomber.  There are essays from leading academics and others about the environment, social concerns, and current events that are changing the world right before our eyes.  The Independent Review magazine challenges the establishment by bringing a lot of smart people together to debate the thinking of world leaders.  It provides a scholarly perspective on events that are taking place.




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