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We've partnered with a store to offer you an annual subscription of Military Heritage magazine for only $16.95.  A subscription to Military Heritage magazine provides you with a profile of military leaders, as well as wars and the details behind them.


Military Heritage Magazine


Military Heritage Magazine
Published Bi-Monthly

6 Issues
Your Price: $16.95!!!




Military Heritage Magazine Subscriptions

This discusses wars and the strategies behind them.  The history of war is long, bloody, and storied.  Men have been fighting since the dawn of time, be it for territory, religion, or just plain power.  Military Heritage magazine digs deep into the conflicts and focuses on the commanders and what type of tactics they employed.  A new issue talked about Nelson at Copenhagen, the 51st PA at Antietam, the great struggle for Aachen, and a World War II aerial tank attack.  In addition to the story and the history, you will find maps and detailed illustrations of the battlefield.




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