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Pictured here is an offer for an annual subscription of liberal Mother Jones magazine for just $15.00 or just $2.50 per issue.  A subscription to Mother Jones magazine will provide you with the left wing, liberal point of view and why it is important to follow it. 


Mother Jones Magazine


Mother Jones
Published Bi-Monthly

6 Issues
Our Price: $15.00!!!



Mother Jones Magazine Subscriptions

This left leaning, liberal publication discusses civil liberties, politics, and other progressive issues.  It investigates stories and gives you details about domestic and global news.  Mother Jones magazine will feature stories such as how the Democrats can reclaim the high moral ground and they speak to how it was lost in the last election.  They also talk of torture tactics used by the Bush Administration that were occurring long before Abu Ghraib.  In Afghanistan, George Bush's army were conducting identical practices.  They speak of Operation Enduring Occupation and how the American people allowed it to happen.




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