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We're offering you a 26 issue subscription of The New Republic magazine for only $59.97, or just $1.98 an issue.  A subscription to The New Republic magazine provides you an in-depth discussion and debate about politics and international affairs.


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New Republic Magazine Subscriptions

A journal that focuses on national and international affairs.  It also is broad enough to cover music and the arts.  It's history is left-leaning, but it attempts to be as even-keeled as possible.  You'll have to decide for yourself which way it leans with articles on race, class, and the American revolution, how Democrats can take the initiative on education in the country, and Bush and democratization.  It touches on so much more than politics, as there is a review of movies and books as well as music.  There is discussion on literature and on cultural issues.  As the Iraq war is the dominating news story, they are front and center on the subject.




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