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We've teamed up with a magazine store to offer you a 28 issue subscription of Time magazine for just $16.00, or just $1.20 per issue.  A subscription to Time magazine will help provide you more insightful analysis about politics, business, and social culture.


Time Magazine


Time Magazine
Published Weekly

28 Issues
Your Price: $16.00!!!



Time Magazine Subscriptions

This provides weekly news summary and discussions on culture, events, etc.  It is one of the most read publications around.  A recent issue discussed life and death and who decides our fate.  The Terry Schiavo case had worked it's way into Congress and they had mistakenly become involved.  However, Time magazine believed that the case offered real lessons about the crucial choice that is made every day.  That type of story, involving current events, politics, etc. is just the kind of material you will find in this product.  It could be focused on a rap star one week and talk of the upcoming television lineup the next.




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