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Welcome to our popular posters and photos store.   Below is a picture or poster of The Singing Butler, one of the best selling posters that shows ballroom dancing by Jack Vettriano.  The Singing Butler poster is one of our finest photos or pictures.


The Singing Butler


The Singing Butler

32 x 24 Fine Art Poster


Your Price: $29.98!!!



Jack Vettriano Posters

This poster by Jack Vettriano has a couple dancing as if they were in a ballroom.  It shows a beautiful couple dancing outside in the rain, with a woman in an exquisite red dress and the man in a dark suit.  Beside them appears to be a butler and a maid, each holding an umbrella and guarding themselves against the falling rain.  The butler is trying to shield the couple from getting wet.  It is an example of how the elite get together.  The artist, Jack Vettriano, likes to feature himself in many of his paintings.  He has become well known for his romantic images of man and women.










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