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Here is a selection of Booker T. Washington posters.  Booker T. Washington was born into slavery in April of 1856 in a small town in Virginia.  Abraham Lincoln helped to end slavery five years later and the Civil War was won when Booker T. Washington was 11.

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Booker T. Washington Posters

After being freed from slavery as a young child, he went to West Virginia and attended school.  Booker T. Washington later enrolled in what is now Hampton University in Virginia.  He became one of the top African-American educators and spoke often to Congressmen and Presidents about the role of African Americans in the community and in politics.  Washington was the Founder and President of the Tuskegee Institute.  He was married three times and bore two children with his second wife.  Booker T. Washington was also the first African American ever to be invited to the White House.  He was invited by Theodore Roosevelt.



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