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Pictured are two Woodie Wagon t-shirts starting from only $14.95.  The Woody Wagon t-shirt on the left is called 'Woodie on the Beach' and has the classic car looking out over the ocean as the sun sets. The Woody Wagon t-shirt reads 'Classic Beach Bum'.



Woodie Wagon



Your Price: $14.95!




Woody Wagon T-Shirts

A type of station wagon called the Woodie was built in the 20th century.  The Woodie had a classic look with wood paneling on the sides and the doors.  Most of these types of cars were made before 1960.  There were a number of manufacturers of Woodies and they ranged from low end to luxury vehicles.  They are often associated with the beach, so these Woody t-shirts feature the two intertwined.  One of the reasons they are associated with the beach is their ability to carry a surfboard and a number of people.  Today, they are considered a collector's item because there are so few around.








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