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Shown are two Bill of Rights t-shirts from our satirical, anti-Bush, anti-conservative, left-wing category.  The t-shirts has the time frame 1791-2001 written in as a sign that they aren't in place.  The Bill of Rights t-shirts are void from the Patriot Act.


Design 2 White T-Shirt

Void Where Prohibited by the Patriot Act


Bill of Rights (1791-2001)



Price: $15.99!!!




Bill of Rights T-Shirts

Gone are the days when the Bill of Rights meant something.  Ever since GWB took over, the Constitution has been trampled on and buried.  Freedom of speech and religion are now questionable.  The conservatives want everyone to be Christian and they destroy anyone who speaks out against them.  These Bill of Rights t-shirts show that they no longer exist; that they stopped in 2001, when Bush took office.  The Patriot Act pushed by the GOP leadership has also helped destroy the civil liberties of Americans.  The stamp in red on the t-shirt references the egregious Patriot Act, an invasive order set forth after 9/11.







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